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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sherlock...A Hero To The Kids!

An important part of keeping Sherlockiana alive is introducing Sherlock Holmes to children.
Since this task was taken up, it has continually been a success. Children see the Master Detective as a hero, and many films and stageplays have been adapted throughout the years to bring Holmes into the lives of children.

One of these films is Basil the Great Mouse Detective (above) an animated movie by Walt Disney. Shortly, I will be posting reviews on both this film and other Sherlockian movies, plays, books, etc. that have been adapted for children. If you have heard of any yourself, or particularly like one, please feel free to have your say! You may even post a review or link to a review on your own blog. I'll be happy to hear from you soon!

Benedict Cumberbatch's Holmes seems to have particularly engaged younger audiences. Does anyone else hope that someday we'll see a Holmes in his twenties, about the age he was when we first met him in Doyle's A Study In Scarlet? Technically, fictional characters don't perhaps one day we'll see Sherlock in his RIGHT age! I'll wait for your opinion. It feels strange to say Holmes is a fictional character...the world would be even more amazing if we had him around (I'd even put up with the smiley faces on the wall ;) ).

These are two of my most favourite Paget illustrations of Holmes:

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  1. I love the second pic. Classic Holmes!

    1. The same with me! My favourite Holmes picture is the second too!

  2. My favorite is Holmes and Watson on the train.

    How come you ain't posting more?????

  3. Sorry, John. I've been slightly caught up lately, but more is on the way!