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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Cumberbatch Makes Music in Sydney, 2014

He Starts with a Jam and Ends with a Wave

Oz Comic Con: Sydney, 2014

Well, CumberCollective, we did it! We brought Cumberbatch himself to Sydney! And oh, what a great day it was – Benedict was chatty, patient and absolutely hilarious, and all you fellow fanpeople made it a truly amazing experience for everyone! 
#OzComicCon #Sydney

Memorable Quotes from the Day:

- ‘You really want to know what my favourite cheese is?’ – BC

-        ‘There are many things in my mind palace which are not for public consumption.’ – BC

-        ‘I love you but I love him more. Please take him {crying baby} outside and make him happy.’ - BC

-        ‘My work is for the public and my life is for myself.’ – BC

-        Fans: ‘Outdance Tom Hiddleston!’
Benedict: ‘Dance like Tom Hiddleston? No.’

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#holmesdownunder #OzComicCon #Cumberbatch

#Sherlock #OzComicCon

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


The Australian Sherlock Fandom

You may not know it, it may not be obvious, but there is a Sherlock fandom Down Under. We are committed, we are crazy and we are 100% real. We range from young to the young at heart, and take many different forms, and are certainly thousands strong.

But Sherlock (in all forms) has a very small presence in Australia. You can buy Doyle's books, you can join one of the few Holmesian committees (for an annual fee) and you can watch some Sherlock-based shows on TV now and then (and if you're lucky, the Warner Bros' Sherlock Holmes {with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law playing Sherlock and John respectively} rendition at the cinemas). Other than that, we Aussies must rely on Youtube and online methods to watch Sherlockian films, purchase merchandise and meet/greet other Sherlockians. 

Sherlockians/Holmesians/Doyleockians in Australia are able to watch BBC Sherlock Season 3 this year, on Channel Nine. Here is the advertising currently available for the international hit drama, here in Aus:

TV Ads: One short advert on Channel Nine.
Posters/Billboard/Mass Media Ads: None.

Merchandise (aside from the DVDs): None.
Flyers/Posters/Meet-Ups: None.
Air Date: Unconfirmed.

And that is the current status of Sherlock's exposure down here in Australia. 

Sherlock Holmes, being such a rich source of culture and excitement among fans of quality literature/filmography/television, needs a bigger presence here. We need more than just the occasional book we pounce upon in an Op Shop, or bits and pieces of collections of older renditions of the Great Detective (such as that of Jeremy Brett). We need a thriving Sherlockian community, and a way for Sherlockians to come together that does not involve annual fees, forms and great hiatus; we need Twitter pages, Tumblr blogs, #Sherlockedmeetups, cosplay competitions, more merchandise availability and more prominent advertising from the BBC. 

No words can quite explain the frustration that comes with the sheer absence of something so treasured in our Sherlockian community. But the thing is, it's we fans who need to do something about this. Why don't we follow the example of fanclubs in our fellow Sherlocked countries around the globe? How difficult can it be to arrange an informal, cost-free meet up, competitions or some webpages especially for Sherlockians Down Under?

((The Sherlock Fandom in Australia - links)).
Sherlockians at the Supanova 2012 in Sydney (Youtube)
The Australian Cumberbatch Army (Tumblr)
The Sydney Passengers (Sherlockian Society)

Today, I'm appealing for the assistance and support of all Sherlockians to begin such a movement for the #Sherlockcause in Australia. If everyone dons their deerstalker and gets their blog posts ready, we can do something about this atrocity. 
If you are interested in supporting me with this project, titled 'Holmes Down Under', contact me via this blog, or at:
Twitter - @SherlockedReena

Tumblr -



Thursday, 3 October 2013




In my opinion, Sherlockian poetry does not get enough attention. However, there are a great many quality verses out there which praise, reflect on or dwell upon the wonderful work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 

From I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere:

Thursday, 18 July 2013

19th July 2013 - Happy Birthday Benedict Cumberbatch!


Today is the 37th birthday of the brilliant actor who portrays the world’s greatest detective in the modern BBC adaptation of Sherlock. With other riveting performances in films such as the Hobbit and Star Trek, Cumberbatch has not only amassed fame and fans but has shown the world that he definitely has what it takes – in my opinion – to be the world’s greatest actor, and offer the best portrayal of Sherlock Holmes since Jeremy Brett. Happy birthday to our favourite actor, and a big congratulations to him for another year of achievement! I am sure I speak on behalf of all fans when I say that he is greatly admired, wished many, many more happy years of success, and is dearly loved!

‘Now that your birthday is here, Benedict...mind telling us when exactly the next big event in our diaries will be happening? (*Cough cough*…Season 3?)’ – Reena :)

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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Heroes Do Exist - Easter Edition

The Resurrection

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Today is Good Friday. For Christians around the world, it is the day that our Saviour, Jesus Christ, gave His Life to save us – making the Ultimate Sacrifice of Himself.
However, three days later (this Sunday) He will rise again – in Body and Spirit, so that we may also have true Life.

There are many connections in the Sherlockian canon between the occurrences in the Catholic Bible and the various stories and adaptations of Sherlock Holmes. For example, John Watson – the doctor, Holmes’ companion – had the same first name as one of Jesus’ Twelve Disciples. John, the disciple, was able to heal in God’s name. This Easter, as we wait for the return of our favourite detective, (whether in the BBC version, Guy Ritchie film adaptation or for those reading The Final Problem), we are clearly waiting for our hero to come home.
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Jesus Christ took three days to return to life. In Doyle’s stories, Sherlock Holmes took three years. However, this holds a strong message for Christians and non-Christians alike: heroes do exist, and heroes live on. Their legacies, their good work and sacrifices stand all the tests of time.
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I hope that all readers take one thing away from this: the little things you do in life could make a big difference to a great many people. In the 60 Holmes stories, we see an aspect of Conan Doyle’s spiritual side. Sherlock Holmes may not rank modesty among the virtues, as he put it, but he did indeed humble himself when the time came. And just like Jesus had one disciple – Simon Peter – who followed him all the way to the place where he was to be sentenced, John Watson believed in Sherlock Holmes even as he stood at the scene of Reichenbach. Let us, then, also be people of faith and hope – and so be heroes to others, walking in the footsteps of our own heroes. 

Why? Because heroes do exist. And we can create the data to prove it.

Image Of Jesus:
Image Of Sherlock Holmes: BBC One

Sunday, 13 January 2013



Are you a fan of BBC Sherlock? If so, Sherlockology needs your help at this year’s Shorty Awards!

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Sunday, 6 January 2013



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