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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Heroes Do Exist - Easter Edition

The Resurrection

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Today is Good Friday. For Christians around the world, it is the day that our Saviour, Jesus Christ, gave His Life to save us – making the Ultimate Sacrifice of Himself.
However, three days later (this Sunday) He will rise again – in Body and Spirit, so that we may also have true Life.

There are many connections in the Sherlockian canon between the occurrences in the Catholic Bible and the various stories and adaptations of Sherlock Holmes. For example, John Watson – the doctor, Holmes’ companion – had the same first name as one of Jesus’ Twelve Disciples. John, the disciple, was able to heal in God’s name. This Easter, as we wait for the return of our favourite detective, (whether in the BBC version, Guy Ritchie film adaptation or for those reading The Final Problem), we are clearly waiting for our hero to come home.
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Jesus Christ took three days to return to life. In Doyle’s stories, Sherlock Holmes took three years. However, this holds a strong message for Christians and non-Christians alike: heroes do exist, and heroes live on. Their legacies, their good work and sacrifices stand all the tests of time.
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I hope that all readers take one thing away from this: the little things you do in life could make a big difference to a great many people. In the 60 Holmes stories, we see an aspect of Conan Doyle’s spiritual side. Sherlock Holmes may not rank modesty among the virtues, as he put it, but he did indeed humble himself when the time came. And just like Jesus had one disciple – Simon Peter – who followed him all the way to the place where he was to be sentenced, John Watson believed in Sherlock Holmes even as he stood at the scene of Reichenbach. Let us, then, also be people of faith and hope – and so be heroes to others, walking in the footsteps of our own heroes. 

Why? Because heroes do exist. And we can create the data to prove it.

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