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Thursday, 18 July 2013

19th July 2013 - Happy Birthday Benedict Cumberbatch!


Today is the 37th birthday of the brilliant actor who portrays the world’s greatest detective in the modern BBC adaptation of Sherlock. With other riveting performances in films such as the Hobbit and Star Trek, Cumberbatch has not only amassed fame and fans but has shown the world that he definitely has what it takes – in my opinion – to be the world’s greatest actor, and offer the best portrayal of Sherlock Holmes since Jeremy Brett. Happy birthday to our favourite actor, and a big congratulations to him for another year of achievement! I am sure I speak on behalf of all fans when I say that he is greatly admired, wished many, many more happy years of success, and is dearly loved!

‘Now that your birthday is here, Benedict...mind telling us when exactly the next big event in our diaries will be happening? (*Cough cough*…Season 3?)’ – Reena :)

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